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2021 Shadow Day


Admitted and Prospective Student

Select the "Register Now" button to the side and fill in your information. You will receive an email confirming your registration.

Shadow Day will begin at 10:00am EST and last event will end at 3:00pm EST. You will receive access to the virtual platform a few days before the event to lock in your experiences. All experiences will stream live and you will be able to engage via chat, audio, and video. The platform we will be using can be experienced through computer and all mobile devices. In addition to these experiences we will have "Student Lounges" available every hour to engage with current Liberal Arts students in small group discussions or one-on-one chats.

How can parents participate?

We also have experiences during Shadow Day in which parents or guardians can participate on their own computer or mobile device. Please indicate you will be participating when your son or daughter is completing the registration form.

Who coordinates Shadow Day?

Director, Producer, Creating the Next, Flower Arranger: Elizabeth Miller, Director of Enrollment and Student Affairs

Student Directors, Motivators, Make It Happen: Aiyanna Lowery- EIA and Kayla McManus-Viana, HTS ALUMNI

Marketing, Materials, and Registration Support Coordinators: Chloe Thomas-IAML and Caleb Torres-PUBP

Volunteer Coordinators: Kayla McManus-Viana, HTS ALUMNI and Eve Pike- IMAL

Platform Coordinators: Lydia Wiederholt- PUBP

School/Major Experience Coordinators: Aiyanna Lowery-EIA and Addie Dascher-PUBP

Parent Experience Coordinators: Skyler Edwards-PUBP and Halime Benzer-INTA

Tour Experience Coordinators: Jack Sheldon- IAML and Chandler Pearson-INTA

Alumni Coordinator: Olivia Fulmore-GEML

Themed Panels and Sessions Coordinators: Gabi-Deans Office Assistant Extraordinaire and Elizabeth

Social Engagement Coordinators: Archa Amin-PUBP and Halime Benzer-INTA

What are people saying?

"I am currently in the middle of my college search, and although Georgia Tech has been one of my preferred schools for some time, it wasn’t until I got the chance to experience shadow day that I became certain that it was my top choice."s

"One of the reasons I finally decided to come to Georgia Tech was Shadow Day. It answered a lot of my questions and I made some good friends I still have today."

"Last spring I attended IAC Shadow Day. It really stood out to me that they had a day specifically for liberal arts students. I liked that they cared enough and wanted to inform us more about the programs. I remember thinking that I would like to get involved with those people when I came to Tech."<

"I really enjoyed getting to speak with the current Georgia Tech students. Their honesty was very helpful in getting a feel for the college and its student body, and I hope that a year from now, I will be a Georgia Tech student myself!"

"Thank you for putting together a great program on Friday. My son really enjoyed himself, and came back impressed with all that he saw and heard."

"What an incredible impact the Spring Shadow Day in April of last year made on my decision to study Liberal Arts at Tech. I had actually already sent in my deposit for another school at the time and when I got accepted to Tech I doubted I would change my mind. I decided to come to the Shadow Day though, and it completely changed my mind 110%! I was totally convinced of the integrity and quality of the arts here at Tech and knew that I was meant to come here."